Thursday, April 28, 2005

My Not-So_secret Identity

Today I sent a client an email. I am just DYING for him to read it because it is the first client email to be sent out from Sarah. It is just so cool, my email address says 'sarah' in it, my display name obviously says 'Sarah', and my email signature is Sarah MathxxxxxnSome Company Name.Innovation PlaceXXX - NNN Research Dr.Saskatoon, SK S7N 3R3CANADAP: (306) 555-5555F: (306) 555-5555E: sarah@xxxxxxx.comI bet he is just a LITTLE confused right now, but who cares. Get used to it world - Sarah's alive.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Untoasted Toast

We have this little place out in the hallway of the building I work in that sells coffee and sandwiches. Usually whenever I have a can of soup or something similar for lunch I like to go out there and buy a piece of bread to have with it.

Today I went to get some bread to go with my Mini Ravioli and I saw that the two girls normally working there had switched positions. The normal cashier was prepping food, and the normal food prep girl was the cashier. I walked to the counter and asked for a piece of bread. Although I get a piece of bread there at least once a week, and although the girl I am talking to is normally the one who puts it on a plate and hands it to me, she asked me "You mean toast?"

"No, just a piece of bread." I said.

The cashier scoured her till and eventually found a button. After pressing it she said "$1.50 please"

I don't think of myself as
stingy, but I cold buy a whole loaf for $1.50 so I said, "Normally you guys charge 50 cents."

The cashier turned to the food prep girl behind her and said, "How much for a piece of bread?" Although I get a piece of bread there often, and although the girl she is talking to is normally the one who rings in the order, AND although she was well within earshot of the previous conversation she said "You mean toast?"

"No, just a piece of bread." she said.

The food prep girl said "Um... it's 75 cents for toast and 50 cents for untoasted."

The cashier again scoured the till and came up with a button. After pressing it she said "75 cents please." Instead of arguing I just gave her a loonie hoping I got at least some change back and a piece of bread. I had already been in line way too long and I just wanted to go. Suddenly I realized if she toasts that bread I may be stuck there even longer so I said "Don't toast it though."

The cashier turned around and said "Don't toast that toast!" to the food prep girl.

The food prep girl says "Did you just charge 75 cents for untoasted toast??" and she came over to the till and examined the display that said $0.75 for a few seconds and then asked me "Did you want that toasted?"

"No, just a piece of bread." I said.

So the food prep girl went about correcting the till so it was charging the correct amount and meanwhile the other girl had stepped back and put a piece of untoasted toast (normally referred to as 'bread' by most people) on a plate and handed it to me. I got my correct change and walked away. I was in a bit of a hurry so I put my thumb on the bread to make sure it stayed on the plate. I realized right away something wasn't right and I headed back to the counter. When I got there I said "This bread is frozen."

Both the cashier and food prep girl looked at me for a few seconds and the food prep girl said "Did you want it toasted?"