Tuesday, December 06, 2005

"Minus F*****' Cold!"

I was just looking at the weather forecast and I saw that tonight it is going to hit -27°. When you approach the big "minus three oh" is when Heather would stop measuring temperature by in degrees Celcius and she'd just say it is "minus fuckin' cold!" It is hilarious to hear Heather swear because like me, she just can't do it and sound serious at all. Lucky for her this year she will be in places so warm and hot I'm hoping she gets to complain about the heat this January.

I normally dread the cold weather, but I just bought a new winter coat on the weekend so that changes things. It is like school when you are a kid - you don't much care to go, but if you have a backpack full of new school supplies it somehow eases the pain.

Today I woke up to hear it was -24 so I threw a jacket over my pj's and ran down to start my car before I did anything else. Then I took the sweater I was going to wear and tossed it in the dryer and left it to fluff up while I got ready for work. Not long afterwards I was fresh from a hot shower wearing a dryer-warmed sweater inside my new coat and big fluffy scarf, toque and mitts. I hopped into my hot car that had been running for 45 minutes and about halfway to work I had to roll down the window to cool off!


P.S. I still haven't heard Bruce Springsteen's "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town" yet, so the Christmas season hasn't really begun yet.

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