Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Son's Love

On Friday I went out for supper to an asian buffet with Megan and her boys. We were seated in the very corner of the restaurant and after we took off our jackets we all went together to get our food. As I got my food Megan went around with Trace and Davin and helped them dish up their plates. She got them settled back at our table and left them with me while she went to gather her own supper.

Trace and I started eating, but Davin, the little one, just pushed his food around with his fork. A server came to fill the water glasses and the distraction seemed to have led Davin to lose interest in his food entirely. He slid over to the edge of the booth seat and looked over his shoulder towards the direction we last saw Megan. I watched as I ate and he just kept looking and looking. Then he stood up on the seat so he could look back more easily and I said "Don't worry Davin, your mom'll be back soon." In response he sat down properly in the booth, gave me a concerned look and said "When are they bringing my chocolate milk?"

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Anonymous said...

LOL. That's my boy. Just wanted the darn chocolate milk.