Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Parties!

Friday night, exactly one hour after the Christmas season began I left my place to go to a party at my friend Jenn's house. I got there to see that Jenn had gone all out and the place looked very Christmas-y. I had a really good time chatting with new people, drinking wine and eating good food. I was stuffed. Everyone brought some food, but Jenn made a turkey. I have to say, Jenn, your turkey and gravy were awesome and almost as good as my mom's!

At the same time I was out at Jenn's, Sue, Kara, and Levin (Tempst, Chino and Caspers) were in New York having their own celebration. When I got home I was treated to a couple messages on my machine from them - mostly a very drunken Caspers. (Too much 'potent alcoholic beverage' eh Casp?) I am lucky Caspers did most of the talking on the second call because I bet Kara was just dying to call me a bizzle again!

"Hi Sarah, this is Sue and Kara..."
"Sarah! Why aren't you answering your phone, Bizzle!?"
"... give us a call, bye!"
-- Sue and Kara

"Hello. This is Mr. Answering Machine. I am Levin. I am calling to leave you a message that says 'hahahahaha, Ha!'. Yow! I've got Sue with me. Listen to her: "
"Hi Sarah"
"That's her! That's Chino:"
"Hi Sarah"
"That's her too! She said 'hi!'. Call me back please! Arh! Ow! Yuh!"
-- Caspers, Suepy and Kara

Last night I had my old job's Christmas party too. It started off with some finger foods at Bridges, then we all went to play a few games of pool. Afterwards most of us went to the Longbranch. I was a little nervous walking in the door. As far as I know cowboys and transsexuals don't really mix, but the first cowboy I saw was my cousin. I haven't seen him in years so I wasn't sure what to do. He was just walking out the door as we were walking in, so I decided to just let him go and save the awkward reunion for a later date. Instead of going along with my plan however, he looked me right in the eye and said a friendly hello and asked how I have been.

His reaction set the tone for the rest of the night where I felt welcomed and right at home. As I waited in line at the bar the woman a couple people ahead of me commented on how good her drink was, so I asked what was in it. She said vodka, 7-up, cranberry juice and grenadine, I decided to get one to try it out and it was really delicious. I wish I had asked her what it was called instead of what was in it because I ended up ordering one each time I got a drink for the rest of the night. If that drink does have a name can someone please let me know because after you've had a few, it is really hard to say "vodka 7-up cranberry juice and grenadine" in the half second those busy bartenders have to serve you!

Later on as I was waiting in line for another drink there was a cowboy nearby also waiting at the bar. I felt him looking at me for a few seconds longer than most people do, so I turned and looked at him back. He pointed at me with one hand and mouthed the word "You." Then he pointed at himself with his other hand and mouthed the word "Me." Then he used both hands to draw out the shape of a heart. I had to laugh.

It was a very good Christmas party weekend. Highlights include dancing to AC/DC at a country bar, requesting a song (Dixie Chicks), talking to a few strangers, getting kissed a couple times, getting called pretty, and making some new friends. Best of all though is that I got to spent time with good friends Jenn and Dave, Tara, and Shaun and I got a phone call from my warcraft friends Suepy, Kara, and Levin, who I love just as much as if I got to know them face-to-face.

I had such a good time last night that I have to say that to my sister Jenn I owe a huge thanks. She was willing to come drive across half the city to pick me up and then drive across half the city in another direction to take me home, only to then drive all the way to her home again. Not only all that, but she even stopped so I could buy fast food on the way home. What a sister! Under the best of times that would have been a very nice thing to do, but she did it for me during a snow storm in the middle of the night. It would have been a very different night for me had she not been so generous. Thanks Jenn!

Instead of using a profanity when wanting to call someone a bitch, you simply say 'bizzle'
"Gah, she totally just stole my pencil, that bizzle."
( )


Levin said...

None of that message can be proven..... Never ever not in a million years. "OR CAN IT DUN DUN DUN"

Ariia said...

OMG Sarah your blog is the most entertaining blog I read! including my own LOL :)

I am so glad you had a good time friday night, aside from the allergies near the end. To bad you didn't stay longer and drink more with us :) the 4 am bedtime felt ridiculously early to the rest of us, we couild have chatted all night long...........

just you wait till we have coffee later and I beat the details out of you!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I'm so glad that you had a good time, I had SOOOO much fun hanging out with you! We have to do that again sometime soon! Maybe we will drag Janice out and go to Divas!

Sarah J M said...

That's funny, 'drag' her to the gay bar.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean it like that! It's just that she never comes out!

Anonymous said...

after the flexing of my researching muscles, i came up with a drink that might be what you had.
A).Razberi Kicker w/ grenadine
2).Seadoo(which is exactly the same) w/(surprize) grenadine
Mule).Cranberry sunrize sans orange juice
Of course the stick probably has a different name among the bartenders for said drink and there's a large chance that i'm wrong anyways
-Happy holidays from Alex-