Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sarah's got Mail!

Addictive in more than one way!

I was late for work, 2h 15m, so I
bought hamburgers on my way home to eat
but never did. I have been reading
online for 8 hours straight plus some 3
hours prior to work on Friday...

I do not read blogs. I read about the
sun and universe, about home theaters
and other techie stuff. I do not read
blogs, not interested in moms cleavage
or bikes or parking on the other side
to save money, friends dancing on
speakers or panties being spoken of,
flat tires in -30 degrees or
jacks on icy roads, roommates not
reading messages... but yet I did!?!

At first I selected the entries
randomly but when I got home on Friday
at 9pm I started to read them in
chronological order, about 1.5 litres
of coca cola and a couple of headache
pills later the sun came up and about
3 years of your life had passed, felt like
some years had passed for me too.
I needed sleep badly.

So okay I read slow and I do not
understand all of the words and I am
lousy at spelling, but it is not bad
for a blog from the second biggest
country in the world with some 30
million people who got their flag done
in 1963 or so and which capital city is
not Toronto to reach Sweden!

Yes sitting here in Sweden and is
deciding whether to type this or go
watch StarGate SG1, do not worry I
have it recorded so I will watch Teal'c
kick some Goaould ass later tonight.
How can your life be so interesting?
What made me stay and read
for so long? You write about things
that have happened in your life both now
and a long time ago. It feels like I
know you but I do not. It feels like your
life concerns me too but it does not.
Damn blog :-)

Please do not stop writing I want to
know how it goes for Sarah in the
future, whether it be stolen trash or
duct tape :-O or even pee on the floor
2x:-O you write it in such a way it
becomes interesting, you are a good
storyteller, well written blog, thank
you, but please no more pictures I do
not want it to be more addictive than
it is.

Mr B

Thanks for the letter Mr. B, and thanks for letting me post it in here. It made my day. Actually it may have made my month. I will try to write more than I have been, starting right now...

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