Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Derby Wife

What does the term “derby wife” mean to you? Do you have a derby wife? Tell me about her. 

A 'derby wife' is something that I thought was silly when I joined derby.  I didn't think I would ever have one and I didn't even want one.  Then I met Gin.

Gin helps me train, she motivates me, she helps me learn, she helps me get off my ass and get to practice... but our relationship is much deeper than just workout buddies.  There are real emotions between us.   I respect her deeply.  I see parallels between her life experiences and my own.  We trust each other fully.  She is the safest person in my life and I can tell her anything.  She is always there for me when I need her.   She is wise, smart, and knowledgeable.  She entertains me with her antics and her quirks just endear her to me more each day. She makes me smile just by a stray thought of her.  Gin is often the first and last person I think about every day.  She is my best friend.

Identifying someone as your derby wife, if you're doing it right, is just another way to say you love her.

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