Thursday, August 25, 2005

In my life I have played a lot of online games, and what I have noticed is that people will say whatever they want without fear of a reprisal. It is completely anonymous right? So people would just say their worst and likely snicker over their brilliant and completely original use of the f word. (I am, of course being sarcastic - in my opinion if you want to hurt someone's feelings then come up with something specific, don't resort to variations of a word learned in elementary school).

By now I have been an online girl for longer than the internet was around, starting way back on bbs message boards, but I either presented myself as just your average girl, or *if*I revealed I was transgendered it would only be in an area that accepts transgendered people. As a result I didn't have much fear of the people I talked to being rude to me, but recently with a couple friends I have signed up on a couple internet dating sites - and I clearly stated I was transgendered on them. As a result I was worried that I'd get some reactions that would make me feel bad about myself. It turns out that people are nicer than I had imagined.

I guess it is probably people from all over that are nicer than I had imagined, but specifically I have been quite impressed with Saskatoon people I must say. I realize most of the searches I will turn up on come from the Saskatoon area, so hopefully it extends further than our little city, but I am just so very surprised at the amount of messages I have received from well-wishers. People who are not interested in me in 'that way' but still take a moment to say hi and wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I just wanted to say that i find you very attratctive and your sense of adventure is fabulous. Id like to chatt a bit with you and find out more about you. You are a strong individual to be sure. Have a great day and all the best to you.

Sarah J M said...

Well thanks Smeesme. I will send you an email.