Monday, January 09, 2006

"So, you're doing a little painting."

Ask anyone to name someone smart, and you may get answers like "my dad", or "my teacher", but ask anyone to name a genius and most people will answer "Einstein". He was so smart his name means genius - unless you do something stupid. Since most of us are not all that smart, chances are if someone calls you Einstein, they are just being sarcastic.

Today I took a look in the mirror and I really liked the color of most of my hair. I like how hair looks with the roots growing in a little bit, but sometime in the past couple days those roots started approaching the appearance of a reverse skunk. I decided I should fix it. I had a highlighting kit in my closet, and even though it wasn't meant to be used like this I decided to use it to bleach all my hair a bit lighter. I'd actually done this before and it seemed to even out the roots just fine, so I wasn't worried. I followed the instructions to a T... except that instead of doing streaks I covered my entire head in the goop. The instructions said to put on this plastic hood and tie it off while it bleaches. While I waited I started watching a tv show and I guess I got involved in it because somehow I actually forgot I had bleach in my hair until the show was over - an hour later.

Once I realized what I had done I went to the mirror and tore off the plastic. The goop had turned to a crust, and underneath it I thought my hair looked awful white. I ran to the bathroom and hopped into the shower to rinse it out. By the time I was done the steamy air made my apartment smell like a swimming pool. I grabbed a towel and vigorously dried my hair. I stepped in front of the mirror, wiped off the steam, and looked at my reflection. I saw a big mop of messy hair. It was sticking out all over the place, and, it was completely white.

I swore under my breath and said, "Nice work, Einstein."


Kids in the Hall: That's Right Einstein

Dave - Painter
Kevin - Einstein

[Dave is in the middle of painting a front porch and Kevin walks up.
You only see his body but not who it is.]

So, you're doing a little painting.

That's right Einstein. How'd ya guess? I mean, I was trying so hard to hide it. Huh Einstein?

[Kevin's face is shown and we that he is really Einstein.]

Listen, not everything that comes out of my mouth is the theory of relativity. So can the sarcasm.

Sorry, did I hurt your genius feelings?

[Kevin starts to leave and reassure himself.]

Walk away, walk away... you're the genius, he's a painter... you're clearly the winner here.



tjf said...

Did you take a picture??

Sarah J M said...

I most definitely did not.

Anonymous said...

Now That is so cool! You can choose *any* color in the store and go for a completely new look. -- a blank canvas!

Unfortunately, one of the side effects of bleach is the tendency to weaken the fibers of the material. I bet your hair is so thin/brittle that you may need to wait for it to grow out and cut it... it is probably permanently damaged. Handle with care!

Sarah J M said...

Actually I bought a dark brown color to cover it, and it results in something that looks like a very very light red.