Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You've always got time for ...

A lot of people wonder about what it takes to be happy, and I am proud to say I think I have figured out at least part of it. I know what you're thinking, "Sure sure Sarah, you are going to go on and on again about how perfect everything is turning out for you". Well I don't blame you - I am always blabbing about how happy I am, but this time is different. When I think about the last year or so I am all smiles, but lately in the here and now I am feeling quite 'blah'.

I don't really know how to deal with this depression of spirit. In the before-time I used to always feel this way, but I than again I also knew exactly what was wrong (and strangely it seems to help a lot if you know what is wrong even if nothing changes). Now that I have fixed that whole situation why do I still get the 'blah's??? About the only thing I could pin down was that I find myself feeling quite lonely, missing my friends - even the ones I talk to frequently. For example: last night I got home and wondered what Megan was up to and considered messaging her on the computer... but I just got back from going to a movie and coffee with her! It made no sense to me! Well, today I think I may have figured out what is wrong with me. It is not my human friends I miss, I miss my best friend of all - SUGAR!

A couple weeks ago I went to that diabetes education class and ever since I have been trying to be careful of my carbohydrate and sugar intake. I didn't realize until this morning that only I started feeling 'blah' after I changed what I was eating. The discovery happened because I could not stop thinking of Tim Horton's coffee and I ended up cutting out in the middle of work to go get some. I didn't just get any coffee either. I said 'to hell' with watching carbs and sugar and I got an extra large, double cream, double sugar with a cheese croissant. My friend Jesse used to say he thought Tim's added drugs to their coffee to make it so addicting, and today I am totally subscribing to his theory because I feel GREAT!


P.S. (written a few hours after the above)
If sugar is my best friend, then imagine the reunion I am having with all my old friends that came in this box of Smarties Patrick just bought me.

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Anonymous said...

I wish we had Tim Horton's here in Australia. I really really miss it. It's the little things hey?