Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why Vaporizors Make Colds Worse

I haven't been going to get my face lasered much at all. Since August I have only gone once, and even then it was just to get my upper and lower lip area done. I have noticed quite a few hairs making a comeback, but most of them are very pale and don't show up anyway. The only real trouble is that lip area. Only about 50 hairs are visible, but they were very dark and therefore did not look good - even when shaved completely smooth you could still see them. So I decided I needed to take some action, and I pulled out the tweezers.

The good thing about getting lasered is even though it hurts a whole lot more, each zap does an area the size of a nickle, so it only takes a few minutes to finish the entire area. With tweezers it took me over an hour and each pluck not only hurt, but it made me sniffle, tear up and sneeze. By the time I was done I had gone through a box of kleenexes and I was all stuffed up and puffy-eyed. I went to sleep though feeling good about what I had done.

When I woke up after a terrible sleep I wasn't feeling so hot. I figure that earlier in the night, somewhere in my head, was a couple of tiny little germs eeking out a measly existence in the desert that was my sinus cavities - until my tweezing activities flooded the area with mucus. It sounds gross, but I am sure the germs had a great time eating and multiplying. Multiplying so much that when I woke up I was stuffed up so solid I couldn't even swallow and every word I spoke sounded like I said it without vowels.

I spent the entire next day breathing through my mouth and you know how it gets when your mouth dries out like that. Every breath is annoying and it is hard to sleep. So, because I wanted to sleep I pulled out my vaporizer and set it up in my bedroom. I noticed I wasn't getting a lot of steam, so I also grabbed the humidifier from the living room. The humidifier has a digital readout and when I brought it in it said 20% even despite the vaporizor. The humidifier would help of course, but what I really wanted was steam. Since the stream of vaporizor steam was pitiful, I (remembering the owners manual) added salt to the water.

I have never been one to be stingy with a salt shaker, so I think I may have added too much. By the time I went to sleep it was a perfect stream of steam, but when I woke up in the middle of the night to a strange sound I saw that vaporizor was pumping out more steam than a cappucino machine (and it was sounding a little like it too). You know they say "It's not the heat, it's the humidity"? My room felt like a tropical rain forest in summer and I couldn't tell if the dampness of my bedding was from the humidity or from sweat. I looked at my humidifier and the readout said 98%. It was easy to believe that 2% more and my room would be underwater! I knew I'd never get to sleep like that so I shut off the humidifier and vaporizer, but my room would take hours to get to normal so I opened the door and the window and with a cool breeze across my face I went back to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning I felt no different than I did the previous morning. I was again stuffed solid, I again couldn't swallow and my mouth and lips were again all dried out, but all that vaporizor action did change something afterall - now my room was freezing and my window was frozen open.

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