Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Superman is Fake?

I went to see Superman Returns tonight with Debbie and Colleen. As a kid I was in love with Superman, I had a boxload of comics, I always watched the cartoons, I even had Superman curtains in my bedroom . I am not sure how Debbie and Colleen felt about the movie, but I loved it. I had goosebumps whenever he flew around saving people!

As much as I enjoyed myself tonight, my close-by-movie-talker curse was in full force. I am not a fan of people who talk in movies, and there was a guy behind me who did just that. I am sure his narration had it's interesting bits, but quite a lot of what he said didn't need to be. For example, there is a scene where Superman flies up into space, closes his eyes and listens around the world for the most important crisis, (coincidentally that crisis was taking place in Metropolis again), anyway, once he hears what is going on he opens his eyes and and shoots back down towards the Earth and we get to see a brief flare up as he re-enters the atmosphere. The movie-talker, at this point, said "That was fake!"

OK yes, it was fake, I'll give him that. The guy who plays Superman can't really fly into space. I wonder if he thought he was the only one to figure that out.

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