Wednesday, March 28, 2007

re: Basttlestar Galactica

No 'Frackin' Way!!


Sarah J M said...

I'll always be a Star Trek fan, but Battlestsr Galactica is SOOO good!

That season finale cliffhanger was a shocker! (the very end kinda creeped me out too)

Gwen said...

I'm trying to be intrigued, but what with CW mucking up Veronica Mars and all, weird plot twists are starting to worry me. I sure hope they can follow through with the quality.

(Also I'm tired of having my chain yanked by these frakkin' long hiatuses. What this crap about waiting until 2008 for the next season?!?)

color me...

Sarah J M said...

I don't mind waiting til Jan 2008 if it means no interruptions.
- new episode every week for 20 weeks ...
- not bad at all.

I just read at that there will be a 2 hour movie sometime between now and the season premiere.

Sarah J M said...

you see how hard it is for me to type "Battlestar?"

Gwen said...

Have you tried typing "BSG"?

As for no interruptions, peh. I'll believe that when I see it. The industry hasn't said that is what it'll do, and I'm not sure there is enough of a ratings hit when they do break momentum with reruns and such.

The two-hour movie, I heard, is going to fill in some backstory for one of the sub-plots they've done as well as provide a context for the next season arc, so it'll be necessary to see it. (I don't say that with much joy because I don't really go much for movies - I'm more of a serial girl, myself.)

You see how hard it is for me to be optimistic? ;P