Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Apparently I Quit My Job

So I get a lot of support calls at work. Usually they frustrate me, but today I had one that just threw me off so hard I locked up. When I finally heard words coming out of my mouth I couldn't believe what I had said. It sounds like I am building up to a story were out of pure anger I yell at a customer but this is not the case. I did lie to him though, here is what happened.

I get this call today, the caller says "Hello, is this Andrew?"
So I say "No this is Sarah."
"Oh I am sorry! I wonder if you will know how to do this, I need to...." and then he details his request. It is some POS configuration setup that I don't know. I tell him that I actually don't know how to do it, but I will find out and make sure it gets done today. I get the feeling he wants it done immediately though and he asked for Shaun.
"I am sorry Shaun is in a meeting right now, but I will get this done for you."
"... and Jesse quit right?"
"Well, I am pretty sure Andrew knows how to do this, is he around?"
And then I didn't say anything. What could I say now? I had already said that I wasn't Andrew, so I'd feel stupid admitting to it now. I paused so long that since my mouth was hanging open, my tongue started to dry out. Finally Alan said "Hello? Is Andrew around?"
".... um no, he's not."
"oh I suppose he in a meeting with Shaun?"
".... no...."
"Will he be back soon?"
".... uh.... no.... he isn't here anymore."
"He quit? "
"Did he go work with Jesse?"
".... no.... I don't know where he went." I just wanted this call to end. "I'll call you right back!"


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, tough call. I think you did prety good in the situation. I would think that would have been hard.

Anonymous said...

yea i think you did a good job in that conversation. hehehe. you make me laugh. love you sis.