Friday, July 15, 2005

Sarah's Timeline - First Half of 2005

January 8
Laser hair removal $264.83

February 17
I told Joanne I was transgendered. She said "Oh I know". She said she knew another male to female already and recognized it in me. It was just lucky I told her when I did because we have been good friends ever since and less than two weeks later she was laid off of her job so if I hadn't told her when I did I wonder if we would have had time to become friends.

February 26
Laser hair removal $264.83

March 2nd
My first visit with the psychiatrist. According to the standards of care I need to be seen for three months before I can get hormones. Knowing that it takes about three months to get an appointment I asked her to refer me to the hormones doctor that very day. That way when the three months of psychiatric evaluation was over with, the three month wait for hormones would also be over. She said she didn't do it that way, but would keep it in mind.

March 21
My second psychiatrist visit. When I left the Dr was writing in her book our next appointment and she wrote "Andrew (Sarah)" on the calendar. At the time that made me feel awesome.
Incidently, this is the same night that I asked Megers what her MSN account was - then I quickly drew a sharp breath because I knew after she answered she'd ask what mine was and I'd have to explain the "sarah" part of it. After I told her I remember thinking that I believed she'd like me more now that she knew I was tg'd.

March 31
My third psychiatrist visit. This time near the end of the session she looked very serious at me and reminded me how I had mentioned getting a referral for hormones sooner. Her tone had me worried, but then she said I was 'with-it' and 'together' and 'smart' and I knew what I was doing. She said she had no doubt that this would be good for me. The compliments, plus the realization that she was making it possible for me to get hormones actually made me cry. When I was leaving she again was writing down the next appointment... this time it was "Sarah (Andrew)".

April 5
I was sitting at work and I thought "I should just change my name", so 3 minutes later I found I was on the phone with Vital Statistics in Regina to ask about changing my name.

April 16
Laser hair removal $235.40
Ears pierced!

April 21
I sent away the name change forms plus $135.70.

April 27
Mail arrives: My new health card and birth certificate!
The best part was the letter that started with "Dear Ms Ma*****on"

May 4
My new driver's license arrives

May 6
Sarah's first paycheque as "Sarah"

May 10
Fourth psychiatrist visit.
First day wearing makeup to work.
Also, this day at lunch I was called 'she' in the drive-thru at Wendy's

May 12
Joanne and I went shopping at Winner's. I came out with a skirt, and a couple shirts. We went to my house and I tried clothes on and Joey taught me how to put on makeup. I felt awesome afterwards and we went to show off to Heather, Heather's mom, and my mom. Later that evening I visited Laurel and Madisun, then went to visit Cole and Janice for a while. I found it weird that I felt less self-conscious dressed as a woman than I would normally feel when dressed as a male.

May 14
Had it out with roommate. He's moving out because he can't handle a transgendered roommate. In the end it is for the best because I would be too scared to fully express myself with him still here.
I put the word out on the sk_transgender group that I needed a roommate and had a reply back from Mark in 20 minutes. On my way to his house I got a call from my boss who had just locked himself out of the office. Despite wearing my new clothes I went to let him in. He didn't care in the least.

May 15
I got my ears pierced a second time

May 16
My first day of work dressed as a woman

May 17 - June 11
A lot of shopping for new clothes, and going to work dressed as a woman for a few times a week

May 28
Laser Hair removal $264.83

June 16
Psychiatrist visit

June 17
Marks my first complete week spent dressed as a woman at work. It was a little triumph for me at the time. Incidentally at the time of writing this it is July 16, so I guess that marks my first whole month spent dressed as a woman at work. It should be noted that I would dress as a woman while out, but never when at home.

June 30
Old roommate moves out

July 1
New roommate moves in. Sarah really becomes a full time woman now.

July 11
Laser hair removal $264.83

July 12
Prescription for hormones

July 13
First day taking hormones

July 15
Took a few more pictures as shown in earlier posts. Since this is a timeline, lets just compare:

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