Saturday, May 27, 2006

New Driver's License

I had been meaning to get a new driver's license picture for a while because I really didn't look like the one I had anymore. So last weekend I went down to get one. The woman sat me down in front of a very old looking digital camera and took a picture. She showed it to me and I hated it, so she took another one. I looked at that one and hated it too! So after she took the third picture and I just got up and said "I'm not looking at it. Don't let me look at it." Today when I opened the envelope it was the first I had seen of it and I think it looks pretty good - at least I look somewhat like a woman in it.


This is an animation made from my new driver's license picture and the one I had in 1998. The interesting thing is that I didn't do anything at all to line up the faces. Apparently six years ago I had the same head tilt, with the same head angle, and I sat the same distance from the camera because the eyes, nose, chin... everything lines up perfectly.


Anonymous said...

Hun, 1998 was 8 years ago, it is 2006 now. You are silly.

Sarah J M said...

8 years ago I was a helluva lot smarter I guess.

Anonymous said...

wow, your licence picture is pretty hawt. most peoples are funny but you look good