Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Almost Insulted by a Little Kid

I went shopping yesterday and as I pushed my cart down the spices and baking supplies aisle I was blocked by a woman, her cart, and her kid. She wasn't taking up too much room, but the kid was rather obliviously standing in the perfect spot to block my way. The woman, as she compared prices of 5 kg bags of flour, didn't look away from the flour section yet somehow just knew her son was blocking me and said, "Honey, the lady wants to get by" and then the kid scooched over for me.

It just doesn't get old for me - being referred to with a feminine pronoun. I pushed my cart past them with a strut in my step, holding my head high and feeling quite good about myself. Then I heard "Mommy, that lady looks like a boy!"

I gasped the gaspiest gasp I've ever gasped. I sounded like I had just come up for a breath after swimming two lengths underwater. I turned around to glare at that good-for-nothin little 5 year old and then I realized he wasn't looking at me at all! He was looking at the woman at the other end of the aisle who looked exactly like Harry Potter!


Anonymous said...

Well, you certainly look feminine in your pix on this site. I wouldn't be surprised that you don't get any special response. Hehe... I can almost hear the 'gaspiest gasp.' :)

Anonymous said...

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Sarah J M said...

This is the worst comment on my blog that I've ever read. It pisses me right off, and only slightly amuses me that this guy'd put his email, MSN, and PHONE NUMBER on my blog. Phone number??

In case anyone out there want to call mr1971 and let him know why his comment was totally inappropriate, and completely rude and totally upsetting, his area code is 306.

Brendan said...

Sounds like it's time to break out some Skype for some dynamic phone calling fun!

Anonymous said...

You're passing - I wouldn't worry. Colleen thinks so too... cept she says your shorts are very boyish lol. I've never seen anyone read you. The only comment I would make is that girls don't generally stand around in public enthralled by their techno gadgets lol. As for Keith... how sad and how typical.

Sarah J M said...

Yeah, my shorts are my old boy shorts. They're comfy though - and I'm cheap.

As for the techno gadget, I've been bewitched by bejeweled! I can't put it down.