Sunday, July 23, 2006

Joey and my Haircut

Yesterday morning I went to see Joey at Marca College's Salon. Marca is a beauty school and a salon where after students have a certain amount of teaching and classroom experience they gain practical experience by working in the salon portion of the school servicing paying customers. Joanne is enrolled in their hair program, and just on Thursday she started her practical experience working the floor. I was there on Saturday morning, glad to be amoung the first of her clients.

Joanne is always excited and happy, but nothing like she was yesterday. I got there to see her overflowing with imagination and enthusiasm and despite her limited experience, full of confidence in what she was doing. After I told her what I was looking for she didn't hesitate in telling me all she was going to do to accomplish it and then she went to work.

I guess what I wanted to do was a pretty tall order that required a lot of work with mixing and applying colours and wrapping my hair in foil, so it wasn't long before Joanne enlisted some help. For most of the time I was in the chair there were two girls working on my hair, and all of the time Joanne was in charge of it all. It made me feel really good to see how organized she was and how well she dealt with the questions of her coworkers. If I didn't know better, I would have considered her to be one of the instructors, or at least a student from a class that started the practical much earlier.

By the time I was all finished hours had gone by and I could tell that her classmates were all impressed with what she had done. The two girls that helped Joanne congratulated her on her work and even though Joey made all the decisions, she was sure to tell them that the credit belonged to all of them.

Since it is a school, her instructor had to come inspect the work. She seemed very impressed and said that Joanne has"it". She honestly complimented the work three or four times and asked if I could believe that it was only her third day on the floor. Well, shortly after I arrived that morning Joanne said that she appreciated that I'd trust her with my hair. In fact I'd trust her any day, third or not. I am so glad I got to see her shine.

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we need to see a pic hun!!!!!!!!! But I am sure it is FABULOUS!