Saturday, July 01, 2006


July 1st:
It even sounds weird to me, but I've been living as a woman now for one whole entire year. I think I've mentioned some other anniversaries recently, but this truly is the big one. Despite the fact that one year ago I only owned 2 women's shirts and a skirt, I somehow found the courage to make the decision to box up all my 'boy' stuff and switch teams for good. Owning only two shirts isn't very convenient, so as a result I started off my new life as a woman very appropriately - with a whole lot of shopping.

With all that shopping came a whole lot of clothes, and it is these clothes that have put me in a real tough spot.

Having now spent a year in this role, I am in a rather unique position to determine once and for all which gender is better. I am a lot happier living as a woman, and I feel more free to be myself, but I can't really count that because it is only due to my transgenderism. A normal man wouldn't need to go to the lengths I have to just to feel happy, so I looked elsewhere to determine which gender wins. As it turns out, I am sorry ladies, but it aint us. The reason is simple: laundry. A man can put all of his clothes into the washer, then later move them all in the dryer and not even glance at any of the settings. If a woman were to do this she'd ruin all of her clothes. I've been doing laundry all night long tonight - and I really miss the old days of no-fuss washing. I am actually considering switching back to spend the next year of my life as a guy again.

P.S. (just kidding)


Sarah said...

Congrats! And from an admirining neighbour Happy Canada Day!

Jason said...

Congratulations, sweetheart, and Happy Birthday!

Sarah said...

Thanks guys!

Lori MacNeil said...

One year is a biggy! So much happens and even more to look forward to.

My post-op 1 year anniversary is in two weeks on July 15.

Sweet to be girls, isn't it!

Nick S said...

Congrats on your Birthday , even though I saw you just the other day !
Here's to the next Year ( raises imaginary Glass )