Thursday, September 07, 2006


This is just a message for Devin.
If you are not Devin then you can quit reading now.
Hey, I said quit reading.
God you're nosy.

Hey Devin, I saw that you dropped by my blog the other day. I don't have your email address anymore, send me a message k? sarah[.]j[.]m[@]gmail[.]com


Gwen said...

To whom it may concern:

Being the compliant and cooperative sort of person that I am, I quit reading your blog entry at the point you intructed me to.

I am writing to you today to request, that is to say, would you be so kind as to tell me what is written in the rest of your entry?

Very curiously yours,

:: giggle ::

Gwen said...

P.S. If I pretend to be Devin or in some manner change my name, may I read the rest of your entry?

Thank you for your kind and prompt attention.


Anonymous said...

Top Wendy's Moments:
1.) The third time Ryan quit, not because I wanted him to go, but who quits a job three times and still ends up working there?
2.) When the customer asked where the salt and pepper was and Mike Simister says "On the condiment stand fuck"
3.) When the homeless guy tried to hypnotise me into giving him free food.
4.) The story about Ryan offering someone 5 bucks to eat one of each different kind of food leftover in the bottom of the sink after doing dishes and the guy said "That's all?". Then he ate a piece of bacon and almost threw up and Ryan laughed because he got to keep his 5 bucks and still see him eat a piece of bacon out of the sink.
5a.) When Devin was in Drive-Thru and a car came so he said, "Hi, welcome to Devin's can I take your order?"
5b.) When Devin opened the Drive-Thru window, looked the lady in the eye and said "Aw fuck it" and closed the window.
5c.) When Devin called Cory "Yik"
6.) When someone new started and I would tell Stephen Avivi the wrong name for that person and laughed while he would stand in one spot and repeatedly call the person's "name". "uh Kate? ...... Kate! ....... uh hellooo Kate....... Kate?....."
7.) When Darren Winerack said it would be too humiliating to work at Wendy's again, then the VERY next day I drove past him while he was standing on 8th street wearing a clown costume selling flowers.
8.) Anytime Brad and Troy wanted a brainstorming session. I would just sit back and watch the firework.
9.) When Ryan put [mustard, mayo, ranch dressing, pancake mix, ketchup] in his hair.
10a.) When I was in Wendy's visiting Caroline and the power went out, and then I left leaving them all to work in the dark.
10b.) Getting people to squeegy up shit when the drains backed up
10c.) Getting people to clean the Henny Penny.

Anonymous said...

Worst Wendy's Moments:
1.) Making Val cry by saying "It's your own fault!"
2.) Making Kat cry by saying "You're always having a bad day"
3.) Making Eric cry by being too nosy.
4.) Making Roxanne cry by saying "I don't need a chicken!" and then throwing the chicken sandwich she made over my shoulder.
5.) Getting sexual harrassment charges slapped on me because I kicked Beth in the butt for not ever having seen the Muppet Show. (If I was going to sexually harrass anyone I think I would have picked someone who was pretty and not horrifying.)
6.) The realization that Brad and Troy owned the place, so their crackpot ideas would actually become the new policy.
7.) The day I saw Rob Fisher's girlfriend's cleavage.

Anonymous said...

Top Wendy’s moments

1. Andrew, Denis, and I peeling the paint off of the office door and nobody but Trish noticing.
2. Andrew and I having cook-offs. Especially when we made bread.
3. Caroline, Luanne, and I playing Twister during our shift on a makeshift board.
4. Jumping in the pool at the Wendy’s Christmas party.
5. Devin, Tyler, and I spontaneously breaking into a song about spicy chicken.
6. Sitting in a sink full of dirty dishwater for five bucks.
7. Caroline and I rollerblading around the dining room and watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off after close.
8. Eric, Adam, and Glenn walking through drivethu at night and Adam saying "…spicy…spicy….spicy chicken" and Eric asking me if the ice bin was another grill.
9. A guy trying to hold up the front cash and Andrea didn’t know how to open the till so she asked for a manager to come to the front so the guy ran off.
10. Andrew and I cooking a tomato in the fryer.

Anonymous said...

Worst Wendy’s moments

1. Squeegying up shit after the drains backed up.
2. Cleaning the Henny Penny.
3. Breaking Caroline’s tooth in half by hitting her on the head with a big box.
4. My third shift when the lights went out and I had to work in the dark.
5. Every conversation with Doyl.
6. Slobhan getting all over me at the Christmas party.
7. Desiree yelling at me for no real reason and calling me "ignorant".
8. The moment I realized that the cooler door wouldn’t lock behind me and that people must have thought I was a moron for propping the door open when I’d go in there.
9. Having a "semi-formal" Christmas dinner at a truck stop with coffee mugs of the regulars nailed up on the walls. I spent almost $200 buying clothes for that fucking dinner!
10. The day Andrew got laid-off. Not to sound like a fag, but he was the last link to the good old days. After that the job just plain sucked balls.

Anonymous said...

found these in my old inbox, made me laugh. I guess I could of removed the names, but shit, what does it really matter to jesus

Anonymous said...

So I really didn't read through these, they are pretty out there, might want to remove them. oops. a little insensative for some people.

Sarah J M said...

Yeah, they are pretty out-there alright, but wow that made me laugh. Aw the good old days!!

I can still picture Stephen saying, "Kate?... Kate.... Uh, hello Kate...Earth to Kate..." and then Kate would turn around and say, "Are you talking to me? My name is Jill"

Tell Ryan I miss those cook-offs. The "Beefta" was especially inspiring while it was cooking... but somewhat less than spectacular during the actual eating.

Sarah J M said...

"but shit, what does it really matter to jesus"

I wish everyone had that attitude!