Sunday, September 17, 2006


Yes I made a typo on my blog title, but I don't really mind right now because I'd had a few to drink. One time as a young kid I remember being woken up by my mother. It was probably 2 am on a night nearing Christmas. I woke up to my toes being shaken back and forth. when I opened my eyes I saw my mom sitting on my bed. "Mom?" I said.
"I'm pissed!" mom said.

I've got no idea how old I was that night, but I'll remember that forever... especially right now, because I am also pissed.

Tonight At 1:32 AM I turned 35. 35 is the dividing age between young and old, so I rang in becoming "Offically Old" by going out with Megan and Jenn and Jen. I had a really great time. Thanks you guys!

I'd also like to say thanks to Debbie and Colleen who helped me celebrate last night as well. You guys and your kids are all great.

Best birthday gifts ever.

P.S. Special thanks to the DJ who wished me a happy bday over the loudspeaker. I don't often raise my arms and yell "wooohooo", so I am glad I had the chance tonight.

Oh! Tara! I just checked my messages! Tahnks to you too!


Sarah J M said...

P.S. Bloog sugar level after a night of drinking... 7.0
Tahnks vodka, for being sugar and carb free!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! You are so old!
Love Michelle