Thursday, September 21, 2006

F is for Finally

My birthday is in September, so that means my driver's licence expires in about nine days. So today at lunch I went to SGI. I placed my old license on the counter and told the woman who came to meet me that I needed to renew it. The woman picked it up and examined it for a minute, set it back down and then asked me the standard questions they always ask. After I answered them she went clicking away on her computer. At what felt like the last minute before she was done I interrupted her and said, "Oh, one more thing... " I flipped the license over to expose the little square for gender. I pointed at the 'M' and said, "Could I get that changed?" and I waited for the reaction. I was worried my question would prompt her to ask me if this was actually a 'change' or if it was a 'correction'. I mentally kicked myself - I should have asked her if I could get it fixed. Dammit!

The woman picked up the license and then looked at me and said, "Oh my goodness! I am SO sorry. I can certainly change that for you..." . She gathered up my $25 payment and my old license and went off to another computer for about a minute. When she came back she had me sign a couple pieces of paper, then handed me my new license - complete with an 'F'.

So I grabbed it and ran!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Lucky you!!!! You usually need a doctor's note to od this gender thingy at the motor vehicle office! How very kewl!

Sarah J M said...

Well the first time i tried they did ask if it was a change or a correction. She said I needed a doctor's note to change it.

The second time though I was wearing makeup and a pink jacket. The illusion was complete.