Monday, April 23, 2007

Such Anger!

I just finished work about 20 minutes ago and I started browsing Wikipedia. I started on BC -the comic by Johnny Hart*, and I ended up at Spenser - a fictional detective in books by Robert B. Parker.

Well, at the bottom of the article about Spenser was a link to a fan site called "Bullets and Beer - The Spenser Home page". I just sort of glanced at the site, but one paragraph caught my eye. It was positioned right underneath a link to another Spenser fan site and it said:

This former link is for reference purposes only. Dodd Vickers was an egotistical asshole with a pathetic site he never updated except with slightly reworded files he stole from me, and who considered a Yahoo chat board as an extension of his site. He also registered (without the dashes I was forced to use) for two years while pointing it to his own site after promising to point it to mine. Rot in Hell Dodd; I may get around to posting my extensive documentation of how you have fouled the internet or just let you disappear into the anonymity you don't really deserve.

It made me laugh that this guy was sooo angry he'd go to the trouble of writing that but that was nothing. Just for fun I googled 'Dodd Vickers' and the top link was for I clicked it and found this:

Domain-Squatting Scumbag
This page is dedicated to
Dodd Vickers of
875 Lawrenceville Suwanee Rd
Suite 310-285
Lawrenceville, GA, 30043
(770) 289-2303
Dodd is a
Domain-Squatting Scumbag.

Now maybe reading that last wikipedia article influenced me, but right now I am feeling like a fictional detective myself. I have to say that the clues have led me to the conclusion that the bullets and beer guy is guilty of some anger mismanagement.

* As it turns out Johnny Hart just died two weeks ago. I don't really know much about him, but I like his comic strip.

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Unknown said...

Hey Sarah,
I had seen this ages ago and laughed as you did. So funny that you stumbled across this and posted it as well. Looks like a lawsuit in the making to me. ;-)