Sunday, April 22, 2007

Veronica Gets Something Off Her Chest

My old roommate Curtis used to laugh at me when I'd take baths because he considered them too girly. Well... he had no idea. Back then I'd just lay in the tub and read, but now things are just completely over the top. I don't just bath, I take stereotypical girly baths. I still read in there, but now I do it by the light of a dozen candles in a tub filled with anything that smells nice and makes bubbles. It is so girly it is even alarming to me, but Curtis... he would have flipped his lid!

This blog entry isn't about baths though, in fact it isn't even about anything real. It is about something I thought I saw in an Archie comic last night, and even though it turned out to be false I decided to post about it anyway. See, yesterday I bought a 'Betty & Veronica' and all afternoon I held off reading it because I was saving it for my bath. When I finally did read it I was shocked because I swore that Veronica was wearing an open-front shirt.

I looked forward to blogging about it all day until a short while ago when I scanned it. I realized that there actually is a slight difference in colour between her skin and the heart over her chest. It was very disappointing because last night by the light of the candles, I was certain I had just seen Ronnie's right boob just shy of the nipple.

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