Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Plenty of Fish

I was very angry at for a while, but I've decided to look past our differences because it is free. It was extremely frustrating to have my profile deleted on a consistent basis, but so far I've been online with them for over a year without any trouble. Normally I'd probably want to take a stand and refuse to use a service who would delete profiles just because they are transgendered but, like I said, it is free. For those interested, I did find out from an administrator that it isn't PoF policy to delete transsexuals on sight, but it is their policy to delete all profiles that generate even one complaint. So, even though I have been enjoying the site for a while now without incident, all it takes is one complaint from one devout christian, and my "offensive" profile will be deleted. Until then, I'll just continue checking my mail each week.

Do you drink? Socially
Marital Status: Single
Profession: Programmer
Smarts: Some college
Hi there, thanks for checking out my profile but before you read any further, I'd like to make sure you know that I am a transgender woman (if you have any questions about that please ask). Other than that though, I'm just your average woman that likes to drink slurpees too fast and sleep too late in the mornings. I love to spend an evening in a coffee shop or out for dinner, (occasionally I like to go out for some drinks too) but mostly I'm a homebody. I am a smart, funny 35 year old who is looking for a smart local guy who likes to hang out, likes computers and the outdoors, and can make me laugh me with jokes containing 80's pop culture references.

My offensive profile on
(clearly it hasnt been updated recently.
I wish I was still 35).

I don't go on PoF frequently, maybe once a week. It is fun to peruse the letters I am sent while I eat some lunch. Normally it is all the same old thing. I think I've mentioned before that I should keep a record of my responses so I can just paste them into new conversations instead of retyping it each time. For the most part I'd only need to keep a master list of 5 or 6 responses because I'd say 95% of people ask the same things with very little variation. The remaining 5% is a bit more unpredictable.

Usually the remaining 5% send me messages of an extreme vulgar nature that leave me speechless. For example, last week a guy named Mike said, "I am tired of trying to ask you out nicely that hasnt seemed to work, so _________" He said a number of rude and vulgr things about what he wants to do to me, then followed it with ,"Interested?"
Messages like this don't even deserve a response.

Today though I received a message from someone named Jamshid. It was nothing like any message I have received on before. It made me LOL IRL.

Hello Sarah,I is me again, I have read your progfile and wonder if you can help me?
1.I receive the message: error on page, what should I do?
2.I have 7Mbps internet, but practically,the speed of my internet is too low. I am using router. Is the problem from router? or somthing wrong in my PC?
IF you don't like to communicate with me it is fine and accpetable. But I hope you can find answer to my PC problems.


annahell said...

Oh Sarah, you're too is Jamshid, I guess. The "find the smell" (a not-fun game I often play as well) post was funny too, but I felt like I had to respond to this one.

No to be too personal, but has this website ever worked? Since I started transitioning and reading your blog, I've given this a lot of thought. I would like to meet a nice guy as well some day but I realize it can be very difficult. Forgive me, I've never been to Saskatoon, but it seems kind of small.

annahell said...

cont' yeah, if Saskatoon is small, would you ever consider moving or another alternative (not that I have a good suggestion) to find a good man?

I'm pulling for you and I hope you figure it out. It's like if it works for you then it will work for me too :-)

Sarah J M said...

Oh I like that title better. I'm going to change it.