Monday, June 06, 2005

Christmas in July

Yesterday I was invited over to Heather's mom's house for a big turkey dinner. I enjoyed being there yesterday. I have known that family for over ten years, so it feels like home. I like that I was there when Mark was born, and that Jenny was 5 years old. I've got to see them grow up - Jenny now actually has a learner's license and took me for a drive yesterday! The best part though was when Heather's mom Cheryl said Grace. I am not one for grace usually, I usually look around and count how many people have their eyes closed and head bowed, but I liked this one inparticular. She was talking about family, and said that family goes beyond blood and at that moment she gave my hand a squeeze. I have always felt a part of that family through Heather, but it felt really good when Cheryl let me know me that I don't need Heather to be included in her family - I am just part of it. Someone said that because of the big turkey dinner it was like Christmas in July, but I think I was the only one who walked away with a gift.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that is so cool. You have got such a great support group in Heather and her family, I am happy for you.

Sarah J M said...

Not support group. FAMILY.