Saturday, June 11, 2005

Family Recipe

I came home tonight and decided it was a good idea to make some coffee. As I was making it I could smell these bananas on the counter. I don't know why, but for some reason the smell of bananas is what I can smell the best. It's like I am a shark, except that it isn't minute portions of blood I can detect it is bananas (and I am not a fish). Anyway, I wished I was hungry because I should really eat those bananas before it gets to the point where the only thing I can smell is bananas. Unfortunately I wasn't hungry so I just left them there. A few minutes later I am sitting down watching TV and I could smell the bananas and I could smell the coffee. It was like I had the banana smell going in one nostril and the coffee smell going in the other, and when they met on the inside magic happened. I knew I had to somehow duplicate in my mouth what was happening in my nose. I poured myself a cup and grabbed a banana. I took a sip of coffee and a bite of banana and chewed them up together... no good. All I had was the distinct taste of coffee in my mouth as well as the distinct taste of banana. I wasn't looking to simply ingest both at the same time, I was looking for the essence of banana to be infused with the taste of the coffee - I was looking for Banafee. I tried a few other experiments, including dunking and mashing, and then I hit on it. What I came up with deserves to be passed down to my ancestors, but since I don't think I'll be a mom anytime soon I am going to have to write the recipe here:


1 pot Coffee
1 Banana (peeled, slightly brown spotted)

Brew a pot of coffee, wait until finished
Pour a cup of coffee, cream and sugar to your liking
Stick Banana in the pot
Drink the cup of coffee

After the cup of coffee is finished the rest of the pot will have turned into Banaffee.
Drink drink yum.

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Unknown said...

hey Sarah, I came across you blag as I was searching for a pie recipe. There is something that infuses coffee with banana and adds in toffee and whip cream as well. It's amazing. It's call the Banoffi Pie.

The recipe:

and the story behind it:

anyways, thought you might be interested!