Saturday, September 03, 2005

Don't take too many of those!

Today my mom was saying if she forgets to take her 'head pill' for a couple days she becomes loopy. I told her that I never forget to take my hormone pills, and sometimes I mistakenly take it twice in one day. To this my mom gasped, "Don't take too many of those! You'll get morning sickness!"


Anonymous said...

Gotta love your mom Sarah. It is good to know that she hasn't changed a bit. Has she changed her feelings about that really nice person you used to date? You know the one who was such a, GRRRR! what was that word she used to use so readily and with such enthusiasm?

Sarah J M said...

Deanne, if I started dating you again right now I think my mom would start doing backflips.
She is being very supportive of me, but I think she'd jump at the possibility of me adopting a "normal" male lifestyle.

I think the word she used to describe you though was "cuteypie". At least that is what I remember.