Friday, September 30, 2005

Sarah's Visit Tomorrow

I am pretty excited about tomorrow. I have a friend named Becky who lives an hour or so away. I sent her daughter Britney a birthday present the other day (a month late) and I called her to see how she liked it (I got her some Barbie clothes and a $5 bill - I have a feeling she liked the money more than the clothes!). I have always really liked Britney and the quick call turned into about an hour long conversation, and during which she asked me when I was going to come to visit. So I said I could this weekend.

Well yesterday I was talking to Becky and she was telling me that Britney is so excited I am coming. She said Brit is telling everyone that *her* friend Sarah is coming to visit :) I think it is funny because when they used to live in town here I would visit and I would spend most of my tme playing with Britney instead of visiting with Becky, but I didn't mind. Becky said that she bought Brit some treats from the store that she had been asking for for a while, and instead of eating them right away she said she was going to save them for when I was there.

I was thinking about the trip last night when I was at Wal-Mart and somehow I ended up walking out of there with a Barbie doll for Britney. I just couldn't help it.

P.S. Britney's only concern with the tg thing is that if I wear lipstick I may end up getting chapped lips.

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