Thursday, August 31, 2006

21 More Sleeps!

When they announced they were making an american version of The Office I was a bit skeptical. I was a big fan of the UK series, and I was just doubtful it could be as good, especially when it came to creating the Tim / Dawn relationship. I was glad to see that not only were they able to recreate it, I think they have surpassed it. Sure The Office is hilarious, but I only watch to see what happens with Jim and Pam. The season two finale was written by Steve Carell, and it was 40 minutes instead of 30. In that extra ten minutes we got to see the best "cliff hanger" ever:

What does she mean by "Yeah I think I am." ?

A short clip from the season two finale (3:01).

I am really looking forward to season three:

NBC's Jim and Pam Promo for Season 3 (1:39).

P.S. This is post 199¾!

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