Thursday, August 31, 2006

Good News!

I have to say I am extremely excited about this new Beta Blogger. It has a lot of new abilities, but it was missing some of the features of the original Blogger, including my favorite one. Yesterday they announced that they have added in that favorite part into the beta and we are now able to edit the HTML in a blog template. The sad/exciting news is what they had to say about it though:

The new template language is completely different from the old one. So even if you're used to working with classic templates, you'll need to learn some new tricks to directly edit the new templates for Layouts-enabled blogs.

I have a feeling that this weekend I'll be up to my armpits in blog templates! I can't wait! For those of you also interested, here is a link to this announcement on the beta blogger blog:

P.S. This is post 199½!

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