Sunday, September 17, 2006

Birthday Week

Well, my birthday is officially over for another year. I've always made a big deal out of my birthday so even though it should be just one day, I like to take a week off. I like to spend the time experiencing my favorite time of year, (although this year it was rainy and miserably cold), and enjoying the one time of year that is just about me. It's a good thing I had so much time off though because my friends and family made sure I had more than just one day worth of birthday festivities. Really, honestly, all you guys with the emails and phone calls and visits and get-togethers have made me feel great. It's been a perfect birthday.

My friend Elenna says things I like to pay attention to. Today she said "
Enjoy being you!" I think that is good advice, and I did my best to carry out her wishes!

P.S. Last year on my birthday Joanne made me an appointment at Marca to get my hair cut. This year I had another appointment but this time it was Joanne who took care of my hair. She cut it, and decided to colour it. She picked a reddish brown colour, saying it would minimize the pink in my complexion - which worked out well after Debbie and Colleen kept feeding me red wine the other night. My face was so flushed I am sure it would have glowed like a brake light in the dark!


Sarah J M said...

P.S. Check out what my sister wrote on my guestbook.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Sarah J M said...

Sarah! I just send you a comment via email about your blog at the same minute you posted a comment on mine!