Thursday, July 28, 2005

Considering Marriage

My Anonymous Friend and I decided to sign up on together the other night. It was fun, she helped write my profile, and I helped write hers. Apparently My Anonymous Friend thinks I am a strong independant woman.... she must have me confused with someone else. Anyway though, I guess that night becomes the official beginning of me dating as a woman. At the time I was thinking this would be a long road, that I'd have a lot of little adventures before finally settling down and getting married. Little did I know just how quick it would be until I considered marriage.

I imagine a lot of women daydream about getting proposed to. The planning, the sincerity, the surprise, that moment between him going to his knee and actually saying the words. I can't really say I have ever had daydreams of getting proposed to, but I can still appreciate that the moment of proposal would be an awesome feeling, one to be cherished.... unless it happens on the internet over

I think I have been doing pretty well, I have had a couple hundred people look at my profile - but that I attribute to curiousity more than genuine interest. What you can do though, is after you view the profile, if you like the woman you can send her an 'eye contact' - it is just a little prewritten message to let her know you are interested. I have had a good number of those as well, and then if you REALLY like the woman you can send her a message, and I have also had a few of those. Today though, I caught the eye of Stephen. He sent me a lot of messages today and he now holds the title of the being the first man to ask me to marry him... he also has the title of the second man to ask me to marry him... and the third... fourth... fifth...

The messages are quite humorous, and even though I feel like a jerk for doing so, I am posting my two favorites here. I know that one day I will want to remember them:

I want to love you I am feeling strong feelings of love for you
would it be possible for you to maybe feel the same.
I would love to love you and marry you.
Please, consider love.
Dr. Steven Ray

I would love to marry you took one look at you and I was in love sure would love to love you.
Please, consider marriage. I am Dr. Steven Ray Anderson
I see you as so gorgeous and so awesome .
Love to marry you

It just kills me where he writes, "Please, consider love.", but the best is "Please, consider marriage. I am Dr. Steven Ray Anderson"


Anonymous said...

WOW, marriage proposals!!!!!! You GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm going to look up who exactly is Dr. Steven Ray Anderson. hahaha