Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Weekend at Brittney's

This weekend I went to visit Rebecca and Brittney. I used to work with Becky, and Brittney is Becky's 7 year old. I really like Brittney, I think she is so smart! The plan was that I would drive to their town and call them, at this time Becky would drive out to meet me and escort me to her house. I didn't bother with directions to her town though. My mom said I drive out 39 miles to some corner and turn left... and then I guess I stopped listening. I was certain I only had that one turn to make (Saskatchewan roads are very straight) and then I'd eventually run into St Gregor somewhere past Humboldt. Soon though there was another option. I came to a sign saying Humboldt was down the road to the east. Now I wasn't sure of my directions... was St Gregor somewhere past Humboldt, or somewhere past the the road to Humboldt? I decided to call Becky. Right after she picked up the cell coverage ran out and we were disconnected. Ten minutes later when I was able to call again Brittney answered and said her mom had gone out to show me how to get to her house. I said that I needed directions to St Gregor. So then she blew me away. She asked me if I had gone through Humboldt yet. I said 'No, am I supposed to?'. She said I was, I had to drive straight through Humboldt, and after that I will come to St Gregor and her mom will be waiting there for me. I was just impressed that a 7 year old was giving me directions on how to get to her town!

So yes, Brittney is smart but she tired me OUT! If I was ever upset over not being able to play with Barbies when I was a kid, I had ample opportunity to make up for it during the course of this weekend. It seemed that every second phrase from Brit's mouth was "Sarah, wanna play Barbies?" I did go play once, but it wasn't really much fun after a while.

Last year I was over visiting B&B around Christmas time, and that was when Brittney discovered I was ticklish. I was soooo hoping that she would have forgotten that! She didn't though. Normally a good course of action is to tickly back assuming that kids are more ticklish than adults. Not in this case - Brittney would laugh, but her tickling ability was not hampered at all by being tickled back. I lost EVERY tickle fight!

She said something else that impressed me. The three of us went to Dairy Queen and we were about to sit in a booth. Brittney was going to sit on my side with me, but it looked cramped in there so I stood aside so she could get in. She didn't want to get in first though. So I said for her to go sit in the corner and she said that no, I should sit in the corner. Then she gestured forward with her hand and said "ladies first". I was impressed that she not only got her way and made me sit in the corner, but she did it in a way that was also funny AND in a way that I, given my situation, just couldn't refuse.

So the weather was rainy and cold, I got kicked or kneed in the nipples way too many times for one weekend, and I didn't really spend much time with Becky at all, but I had a good time being a 7 year old's temporary-best-friend for the weekend.

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