Saturday, October 28, 2006

SPEAK! as IF! Every! Other! SYLlable! WAS! of DIRE! ImPORTance!”

My costume today was fun! I dressed as Captain Kirk. Much like any other time you see Captain Kirk, my costume was a rerun. I say this because 15 years ago (the last time I dressed up for Halloween) I was Captain Kirk as well. Much like the real Captain, in my first appearance in the uniform I was thin and fit, but now in later years I have a bit of a paunch, and much bigger boobs.

One fun thing about costumes is that you can role-play a little bit if you like. Most of the day I just sat in my office being a mild mannered computer programmer, but then I left the office to go to the bathroom... I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and suddenly I was no longer Sarah J. M. - I was Captain James T. Kirk! I walked through that bathroom like it was the bridge of the Enterprise, and then I sat down on the captain's chair and fired off a couple photon torpedoes.
(Oh wow, just forget you read that)

I thought it was weird that even though Halloween falls on a work day next week, today was the day people wore costumes to work. I realized why a little later on, and it was because being filled with Halloween spirit is one thing, but also being filled with the Friday-afternoon-last-day-of-work spirit means that many of us who went to the office park's Halloween party decided it was more than appropriate to have a long island iced tea and a jello shooter.

I had plans to go visit Jenn tonight so I left the Halloween party early. The party was at Boffin's Club in Innovation Place, which has an exit right into an otherwise average looking office building hallway. I stepped out of the noisy club into the near silence of the hallway, and someone in a white jacket came out a few seconds later. I was about to walk through a set of double doors when the man behind me said "So what rank are you on the Enterprise?" I turned around and said "Captain" in a saucy voice. He said "Impressive!" Then I turned back to the double doors. The hallway on the other side was very dark, so I thought it might be locked. I pushed both doors but neither would budge. I pushed one more time for good measure and then I gave up and turned around. White jacket man stepped up beside me and pulled on the handle and the door opened easily. He laughed a little bit when he said, "After you Cap'n."


Anonymous said...

You should have replied that you were having trouble with the door because you are used to doors opening automatically for you on the Enterprise.

Anonymous said...

Y'know, I'm still interested in buying that communicator....If you are willing so part with it get ahold of me!!!

Captian Jason

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I was a bum this halloween. Our neighbors dont deserve candy this year, so I never opened the door. (no vandalism was found the next morning)

Anonymous said...

qxyqGee... I went as JT Kirk awhile ago. Then Bones. Then as Either Liz Lochley or Susan Ivanova... had the right uniform. Never really committed as to who. Either way it was wayyy fun!