Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rolling Eyes and Cars

Sometimes my mom says things that make me roll my eyes. It is something I learned to do when I was 12, and it has been habit ever since. This morning I was at my mom's house and my eyes were in mid-roll when suddenly they opened very wide.

I was on the couch reading the newspaper when Mom took a break from her ironing. She looked at the purse on the floor near me and said "Is that your purse?" I was wondering who else she thought might it belong to when she looked out the front window and said, "Is that your car?"

I didn't answer because I was too busy thinking 'of course its my purse' and 'of course its my car'. I didn't know why Mom was asking questions with such obvious answers. Maybe because I hadn't answered yet she asked again, but rephrased her last question to "Is that your car on the neighbour's lawn?"

I know that Mom's neighbours across the street also have a red Ford Focus but it is a different shade than mine. I have seen them park their mini-van on their lawn and I reasoned they just happened to park their Focus there this time. I stood up, started to roll my eyes and was about to ask mom why she thought I'd park on their lawn when I looked out the window...

It WAS my car on their lawn...

When I parked on Mom's driveway I guess I didn't put the brake on, so my car rolled down the driveway, across the street and onto the neighbours lawn.

I rushed outside and walked across the street to retrieve the car. I hoped nobody was watching, but the woman who lives there was standing guard just inside her screen door. As I walked towards her I hung my head in shame until I got close enough to speak. I said I was really sorry and she just smiled and said it was ok. Then her smile slightly diminished and she added that it could have been a lot worse. I decided to just leave it at that, so I unlocked my door and just before I got in I glanced back at her...

She was rolling her eyes at me!

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Ariia said...

Don't you just HATE it when your own "thing" comes back to bite you in the ass......Especially infront of your parents?

While I can't say I've ever let my car runaway.... I do use the eye roll often while in the company of my own mother.