Monday, October 16, 2006

October Winter Morning

I had a great sleep. I went to bed at 9:30 and except for one support call I slept all the way through the night - I also slept all the way through the snow. I woke up this morning to hear wind howling so I peeked outside to see what it looked like and all I saw was white.

We didn't get much, but what we did get must have melted for a while and then froze by morning. The roads were not just icy, they were ice.

We are pretty good at driving in snow and ice around here, but the first snow always makes us cautious. Even if we do have traction there is something about the first snow that brings out the good driver in all of us. This morning every one out on the road was driving on pure ice, and so we were all on our best behaviour - you have never seen such perfectly ordered lanes, people let people merge, everyone signalled, I saw several people waving their thank you's and you're welcome's and certainly nobody was speeding. All in all there were no problems that I could see - except that we were driving so slow my speedometer couldn't actually measure my speed.

This is the view from my windshield this morning at 8:30am -
the exact time I was supposed to be at work! By the time I got
to work my left leg was sore from constantly working the clutch.

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