Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ride 'em Shopping Cart.

I went to Superstore today and it was wall-to-wall people in there. Everybody tells me it is cheaper than Sobey's and Safeway, but I still spent $80. Maybe I saved $5.00 here and there but considering that I was in line for half an hour, I'd gladly have paid five bucks to have skipped that wait. One thing that I am glad I was there for was a guy I nearly ran into somewhere near the corner of socks and winter gloves.

I just put some socks into my basket and I rounded the corner into a wider aisle when suddenly out of nowhere this guy whizzed past me, wheeling by on a shopping cart. He was leaning over the handle while standing with one foot on the bar down near the wheels. His other foot was on the ground pushing him forward like he was riding a giant skateboard with a metal basket on the front. It is probably pretty typical behaviour for a 10 year old, except that this guy looked about 70.

He was gone in seconds, but I ran into him again a few minutes later - or more accurately he nearly ran into me. I was just browsing along and suddenly he skidded to a stop beside me to look at chicken breasts. I said, "That was some pretty fancy driving." He nodded and said, "Thank you, thank you... " he paused for a second to catch his breath and said, "I normally don't think much of what I see teenagers doing, but when I walked in I saw one riding his shopping cart around and I thought that was a guy who knew what he was doing." He picked up a package of boneless skinless breasts and looked it over, then added, "Not bad exercise either." With that he put the chicken in his cart and rode off into the dairy section.

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Anonymous said...

*blink* Hmm, sounds like something I'd do.