Thursday, November 10, 2005

I Passed my Tests!

My doctor over at RUH gave me a call this morning with my lab results. It seems that everything is ok with my results and that is great news. I am always a little nervous giving blood samples because like any test I am worried about failing. About this time last year I actually did fail a test and came home from the Doc's with diabetes. After that I had another test and was told my sugar was high, but not quite in the diabetes range. In blood tests about 3 months ago my sugar was again high, but in the normal range, and this time no mention of sugar at all. This is good news considering I come from a family with both a father and a sister who have glycemic problems. Even better was that the doctor said he is going to up my dosage of estrogen to 2.5mg from 1.25mg. It is perfect timing because my prescription runs out in two days. I think I will just take both pills today and start the 2.5 a couple days early.

It was funny actually this morning because the doctor said something like "Hello Miss Ma*****on, I just got your blood test results this morning, and after reviewing them I..."
Well, cut back to yesterday, I was getting a little worried that I would run out of my current prescription before I got a new one so I called his office and a nurse there said that he was out and would be back later and she'd get him to call. She also added "your results have been on his desk for a week now." So haha, the old Doc tried to pull a fast one on me, but I don't care, it just adds to his personality.

P.S. Yesterday I was at 189½ and today back up to 190. Bad news though, Megan and I are going to Poverino's tonight, and I have a feeling that as well as a huge plate of pasta I will be having a few drinks as well.


Anonymous said...

yes, but then you are going to go to the gym for one extra trip this weekend, right??

Sarah J M said...

Megan Megan Megan...
If you refer back to my 'plan' for losing weight did I mention going to the gym at all? What is with this 'extra' visit you are talking about?