Monday, November 07, 2005

Sarah and Tara: Getting Smaller!

I think I look skinny, but I just keep getting heavier and heavier. The doctors told me estrogen will pack on the pounds, and they were right. The only thing estrogen seems to help me shed is tears. Actually this is one time I am glad I am flat chested because weighing myself is one of the only benefits of detachable boobs. I just take them off and poof - instant weight loss.

Last yearish I used to weigh 225 pounds, then between August and December last year I made it down to 175. Well, now I am back up to 191 so I have to do something. I have this plan that worked out well for me in the past, so I am trying it again. I realized that I do not eat for sustenance, I eat purely for recreational reasons, and as a result I don't even ever have time to get hungry before I eat next. This means that I can eat a huge meal and then a few hours later I would be ready for another meal should the opportunity present itself. So here is my plan:
Step 1. No more big meals. They not only cost a lot more, but they stretch out my stomach making it possible to jam more food in there. (Mmm Jam).
Step 2. Shrink my stomach. I need to shrink my stomach by eating smaller and smaller portions. I have already figured out that I will eat frequently, so the idea is to make it so I get full faster and eat less and less during each meal. Just over the weekend alone I have noticed that eating smaller portions has made it so today over lunch I was very full after eating half of the meal.
Step 3. Monitor progress. Pay attention to my weight each morning before I shower (and after I pee). I know weight fluctuates, but it is neat to see if I can identify what influences the fluctuations. Obviously if I eat a turkey I'll weigh more by morning, but it is interesting to see how smaller changes compare to what I have done.
Step 4. Get a buddy. Tara is my weight loss buddy. Please note, she is already beautiful with a killer ghetto booty, but she would like to lose some weight too. Together we can help each other keep on track. You readers are my buddies too, because I am going to report on my weight from time to time, and I would hate to come back on to say I weighed more!

Weight update: November 7, 2005
Sarah: 191
Tara: 135


Anonymous said...

you go girls!!!! I will support you 100% I was gonna suggest supper on Thursday. If you are free. If that don't work, coffee?? Been a while, we can chat about your goals. Love ya.

Sarah J M said...

Two weeks later and I weigh 1 pound less. Oops! Better get at 'er.