Sunday, November 13, 2005

Wonderful Weekend and More

Saturday I didn't even leave my apartment. In fact I didn't even wear anything but my pyjamas all day long. I just relaxed all day long. I had a long bath, read a new book, highlighted my hair, watched tv, read an old book, and played with my computer. I laid down to sleep that night and my mouth opened up and to say goodnight to myself. It was something I hadn't done in a long time - over a year. I know it sounds crazy, but I used to say goodnight to myself each night for years. It wasn't a very happy goodnight either. I guess it comes from some line people are supposed to say before they jump off a bridge or something, but between you and me I got it from the Flintstones. The line is "Goodbye cruel world" and I used to say "Goodnight cruel world". I know it sounds melodramatic, but part of me did wish it was goodbye. Quite a few nights I wished it was my last. Well on Saturday when I opened my mouth to say goodnight and out came the words "I love my life."

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