Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Amazing Race Spoilers

So last night I missed the Amazing Race, but I plan to watch it tonight. Well my alarm clock went off this morning to the words "...mber and Rod didn't win the mill..." and then I slammed the snooze button. Yes, I heard 1 second of the radio today and I already found out who one of the losing teams was. I figured it was ok though, at least I didn't know who won right?So I go to get a coffee from the place in the hallway and the girl behind the counter - her name is Grichelle - is making a bagel for someone. Grichelle is VERY slow, and I always dread her making things for people because it means that it will take 5-10 minutes to get a coffee. Anyway there is a blonde woman in front of me in line that says "Grichelle did you see the Amazing Race last night?"So I say "ACK! Don't say who won! I haven't seen it yet!" and since I know I have a few minutes to wait for Pokey to make that bagel I go stand a ways away. The blonde girl understood that this meant they can talk quietly about the show and they do. When Grichelle is done making the bagel though I walk back over to the counter. The blonde girl says "oh he is coming back, we can't talk about it anymore shhhh!"Then the blonde girl asks who I am rooting for. I say Rob and Amber, but I had already heard they didn't win. Grichelle says "Yuck you wanted THEM to win? I hated them! I am glad they lost!"The blonde girl says "I wanted them to win too, but it is still a good show, you should really still watch it to find out who won."So I said "Yeah I am going to tonight - I just have to go all day hoping I don't find out who won."Grichelle asks "if you already know who lost then why can't we talk about it??"So I said "Well there are three teams competing, just because I know Amber and Rob lost doesn't mean I know who won."Grichelle said "oh! The black couple won."

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