Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sarah's Special Night

On the weekend I went out to Diva's with Debbie. I had lots of fun. I surprised myself how relaxed and confident I was that night though. I was feeling like I had some extra strength in me that I hadn't noticed before. I saw some people who looked nice and I just started conversations with them. Not only that but I met a couple new friends, Michelle and Rhennea. I also had ample opportunity to talk to the bartender on my frequent trips to revisit my other new friend who goes by the name of Vodka Special - we are on such good terms though that I just call him "Special".


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a fun night out, was starting to wonder what happened to you, I haven't seen you on lately.

Anonymous said...

OK girl... is that all you "remember" about Saturday night? lol. Next time it's my turn to get friendly with the bartender.

Sarah J M said...

well, I also remember that:
a) I was an amateur counselor for a drunk girl.
b) I made an excellent waitress (even if most of the time I was only carrying drinks for myself).
c) You wouldn't let me buy food at the Shop 'n' Save (or Shop 'n' Stave as I was pronouncing it).
d) I made a drunken phone call to my friend Heather and you took my phone away from me.
and e) I said I wanted to lay down for a minute and that minute turned into about twelve hours.