Friday, May 20, 2005

What an unbelievable day!

This morning seemed like any other day for me... except I woke up early. You have to know that if I wake up early then it is about to be a day to remember, and today could not have been more memorable for me.

I bet these posts are getting a little repetitive, even to me they are getting a little old. They are all 'and I did this dressed as a woman, then I did that dressed as a woman'. Today's story is no exception, but after today I think doing anything 'dressed as a woman' is going to be officially old news.

Anyway, one of our client's had a till go down so I had to go get it and bring it back. I was a little nervous, but I was totally happy to find that I was able to pick it up without any stares or anything. So then an hour or so later I not only took it back but I had to hook it all up, and transfer some files over the network to it. I was there for about half an hour! With all the staff looking at me, with all the customers looking at me. It was scary, but I did it.
I also did a little shopping with Joanne and then I went to my mom's for the evening to watch some TV. When I finally got home around 11:00 I hung out for a bit and as I was getting ready for bed I remembered years ago how I would repeatedly dream of the day where I would wake up, get dressed ( as a woman of course ) and just live my life for that whole day doing all my normal life things, and then come home and hang out until bed time and never once have to hide what I was wearing or how I looked. Today that is exactly what I did.
Yeah my dreams are kinda silly, but that honestly is something I have spent countless hours of the course of my life wishing for... and last night it happened and I almost missed it. That is exactly how life should be - that it gets to the point where yesterdays dreams somehow quietly turn into today's reality.

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