Friday, May 13, 2005

Sarah's New Clothes

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life.Joanne and I were going to go shopping and I was going to go pick her up, but before I went I changed into a pair of shorts, sandals and a blue collared shirt. Oh yeah, and I redid my hair and makeup and I wore and stuffed a bra. I was totally terrified to go outlike this, but if I was going to buy women's clothes I figured I should try to look the part as best as I could. So when I got to Joanne's house, she was impressed. We went to Winners and it took her 5 minutes to help me build up the courage togo in, but you know what? Half an hour later I had a bunch of things already tried on, I had 3 things picked out to buy and I realized I totally forgot what was happening.

So I picked out two shirts. Both were Tommy Hilfiger golf shirts? The kind with a collar and some buttons down the front. One is green and white striped and the other is grey and pinkish. I think that I am going to end up buying a lot of Tommy Hilfiger clothes because both the shirts were long and they totally gave me the illusion of shape. I also got a skirt. It is a size 14 and way too big on me, but I got it anyway because if I use a belt to cinch it up, it sort of poofs out the sides and again makes it look like I have some hips.

Well so I got those and we went back home where I tried them on. Joanne totally redid my hair and we touched up the makeup a bit and I looked in the mirror and almost fell over. I looked so good! So we hung out and took a bunch of pictures on the webcam (I looked way better in person) and then we went to Heather's, and then to Heather's mom's, and then to my mom's and then to Joanne's boyfriend's apartment where I was going to drop her off of the night.

Well earlier in the day I carried Joanne's tv down to my car because she was going to take it to her bf's house, so when we were getting close to his place she called him to get him to come down to carry the tv up. Well he wasn't home, so his roommate Silas came down and got it for us. Then I left. Before going home I stopped at a couple friend's places to show off and this whole time Joanne was waiting up for me to talk to me on MSN this is what she said:

[05/13 00:02:57] Joanne: ur never gonna guess
[05/13 00:04:55] Joanne: sarah?
[05/13 00:45:59] Sarah: hi
[05/13 00:46:01] Sarah: you there?
[05/13 00:46:07] Sarah: Sorry I've been to a couple people's houses!
[05/13 00:46:12] Sarah: I just got home
[05/13 00:46:13] Joanne: really?
[05/13 00:46:14] Sarah: yes
[05/13 00:46:18] Joanne: oh my god
[05/13 00:46:18] Sarah: I will never guess what?
[05/13 00:46:20] Joanne: guess what
[05/13 00:46:23] Sarah: what??
[05/13 00:46:26] Joanne: remember silas?
[05/13 00:46:29] Sarah: yes
[05/13 00:46:35] Joanne: he asked so many questions about you
[05/13 00:46:39] Sarah: like what?
[05/13 00:46:39] Joanne: like he's totally interested
[05/13 00:46:40] Joanne: hahahaha
[05/13 00:46:44] Sarah: omg interested how?
[05/13 00:46:50] Joanne: he asked me if i can hook u two up
[05/13 00:46:53] Sarah: shut UP
[05/13 00:47:11] Joanne: and i said...i'll ask her but she's into older guys
[05/13 00:47:12] Joanne: hahahaha
[05/13 00:47:16] Sarah: haha
[05/13 00:47:17] Joanne: and he's like how old is she
[05/13 00:47:25] Joanne: in her early 30s
[05/13 00:47:32] Joanne: and he's like WHAT?? she totally looks 22
[05/13 00:47:34] Joanne: hahahah
[05/13 00:47:36] Sarah: wow
[05/13 00:47:39] Joanne: isn't that amazing???
[05/13 00:47:44] Sarah: you are not lying to me are you?
[05/13 00:47:51] Joanne: i was on msn right after waiting for you to come back and tell u the great news
[05/13 00:47:52] Joanne: hahahaha
[05/13 00:47:58] Joanne: NO OOOOOOway!!
[05/13 00:47:58] Sarah: wow
[05/13 00:48:03] Joanne: would i ever lie to you? NO!

So I had quite an adventure yesterday.

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