Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mister Miss

So I got a call from MBNA Mastercard today and even though I did not want to apply for another credit card I could not help myself. I got annoyed at him, as I get annoyed at all telemarketing calls, and I was ready to hang up but he went straight into his schpiel and then asked me the question "Your name is still Andrew Ma*****on?" So I said "No, I changed it to Sarah Jana Ma*****on"
"To what?"
"Sarah Jana"
"Ess Ay Are Ay??"
"... ok Mister Ma**-"
"-***on I would like to introduce you to our new platinum plus...." and he kept going on and on and on. He would stop every few sentences and say "Now, Mister M-" "MISS!" I would interrupt, but he would just keep on going. One time after I corrected him he corrected me right back! "Mister Ma-" "MISS!" "... MISTER Ma*****on, I would like to tell you abou..."

So then he said it again and I really interrupted him this time. It is HARD to interrupt a telemarketer! I said "Miss! Miss! Miss!" he said "sorry?"
"You keep calling me Mister!, I am a miss."Then the most silence this guy has ever allowed on a telemarketing call ever ensued.
"Pardon me?"
"Well I told you I changed my name to Sarah, what makes you think I want to be called mister?"
"Pardon me Miss Ma*****on, this card has a 1.9% interest rate on balances transferred in..."

and then the rest of the call he called me miss.

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