Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lunch at Jasmine's

So Heather and I went for lunch at Jasmine's - a vietnamese place on Circle Dr. I was a little nervous because of what I was wearing, but I have to say it really helps when you are with someone who absolutely doesn't care. So just as soon as being near Heather put me at ease we walked in and it was packed. It was not only packed but it is a small place where they shoved as many tables as possible in as possible. There are no dividers to hide behind, nothing. Well I took a deep breath and went in. I have to get used to it right? Well despite that I was still nervous as hell. We had to stand in front of everyone for a while while they cleared us a table and strangely that calmed me down. I was starting to feel normal, even under the imagined scrutiny of the restaurant's patrons. Then the waitress sat us down and to my relief we sat in the very corner of the restaurant. Not only that but Heather was sitting so she faced the restaurant and I sat so I faced the wall. What a sense of security that provided! Nobody could see me, I couldn't see anyone staring at me. This gave me the courage to turn around and scann the restaurant - I saw that nobody was looking at me, nobody cared. In fact even I couldn't even identify that 'what the?' look when I made eye contact with someone. I was feeling like things we all just going perfect and then the table next to us was populated. It figures the ONLY seat in the entire restaurant that was situated such that the occupant could see me had to be filled by someone I had met before. Luckily it had been a few years, and I do look quite different these days and so he didn't have that glimmer of recognition when we looked at each other, but it is just funny how you can always rely on something like that to happen. I was going to say it is Murphy's Law - where if something can go wrong it will go wrong- but now when I think about it - he sat where he sat, I sat where I sat, and we both had our own separate and perfectly normal lunches, just like two perfectly normal people should.
Seems like things went right afterall.

P.S. As we were paying the bill the waitress said "Thank you ladies."

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