Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th wasn't so unlucky afterall.

I went over to Cole's the other night to check out his garage sale, but I was a little late - he and Janice and Mark we all heading out to Montana's for supper so they invited me along. The place was packed, so we all sat around the bar in the lounge - because in the lounge the tables are free-for-all. Janice was out being a table vulture ready to pounce as soon as someone left a table and the three of us stayed at the bar. One of the employees there - a girl named Sara - knows Janice, Cole and Mark, but didn't know me, so she walked over to Janice and said "Who is that girl sitting next to Cole?" When Janice told me this I was shocked because I wasn't even trying! I was wearing boy's clothes and had no makeup on at all. I used to think I was so unlucky - I used to think I was too tall, I used to think I was too sturdy looking, I used to think was head is too big, I used to think I could never pull this off. As I keep going though it seems like yeah, I am a big girl, but from what I have been seeing lately this male body I once considered a curse isn't going to be that hard to convert to female. I am actually a very lucky woman.

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