Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sarah went to work this weekend.

I was heading out today and I got a call from my boss Mark. He said he locked himself out of the office and wanted to know if I was nearby and could swing by and let him in.
I looked in the rear view mirror - I had makeup on and my hair was done as best as I could... I looked at my clothes - I was wearing the new shirt and skirt I bought at Winners... I even had my boobs on....
So I said "Sure, I'll be right there"

Well I showed up and except for a quick glance at my boobs Mark was all business. He actually took that opportunity to make sure everything was going alright for me at work. He wanted to make sure everyone was treating me ok. Before I knew it we had moved on to work subjects and here we were sitting in his office talking shop and I think both of us had forgotten how I was dressed. It is times like that that make me feel like this life is not going to be the horrid nightmare I was afraid of all these years. In fact each thing I do about being tg'd just feels normal. I've never felt normal before in my life - it feels really good.

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