Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My brain knows my name

Last night I was at the transgender support group and I was pretty tired and ended up falling asleep on one of the couches. Kris and Sherm were chatting away quite loudly and a couple times laughed loudly too but I just slept through it all. Then Kris whispered "Hey Sarah" and I woke up. They thought it was cool that I slept through all of that noise but even just a whisper of someone saying my name woke me up. Yeah it is cool - even while asleep your brain can filter out noise it doesn't care about and alerts you to noise it does find important like your name. Even cooler than that though is that the noise my brain recognized as *my* name was "Sarah".

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Sarah
I love your name of course as my daughter's name is Sarah too. It is amazing how identity changing our name can be. I would love to write more, next time.