Monday, May 09, 2005

Who wants luck?

I called MBNA Mastercard today to get both my address and name changed with them and the woman called me sir sir sir all throughout changing the address. Then when I told her about my new name she apologized for having called me sir and she said that she is going to suggest to her supervisor that they change their policy to only use a title such as sir or ma'am if that had been already been asked of the client first. So I laughed and said that I am sure what they do is just fine. I said that my case is probably pretty rare, and even if another like me does turn up we totally understand making that mistake over the phone like that. Then the woman then said "Sarah you would be surprised how often your situation turns up, it is not as rare as anyone thinks." I thanked her for understanding and the conversation ended with "Sarah, I wish you the best of luck." So there she is, wishing me luck.

The truth is, the hardest part of this change is dealing with other people. The truth is, if more people shared the mindset of that anonymous mastercard operator then none of us would need luck.

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